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wind it up, and they will come!

Posted on: April 4, 2008 5:30 pm

     Hear ye, hear ye;

          Here it is, we are in to the first week of the season, the big test is upon us. I have been putting in my due dilligence, reading the articles here and there, about the monumental clash of the Braves and the hated Mets (my pet name is the "stupid heads" no offense intended) I read an article today that quoted Willie randolph as saying "its nice to bump heads with them early in the season and see what we got" even traditionally quiet Brian McCann had a couple of words to say, David Wright says sarcastically (about Glavine)"I can't wait, to see the legend, the myth" pretty tame trash talk I must admit, but it got my juices going a little, 8 years ago, a comment like that would have earned Wright a beaning, and it probably would not have waited for sunday when Glavine could do it himself, Smoltzy or someone else would have taken up the charge early on. Boys and girls, this is why I watch baseball (scratch that, at times, live and breathe baseball) one week in and the two teams that most folks are predicting to be hashing it out at the end in their division), are gearing up for a first little meet and greet, how quaint! I want to see hard slides, hard play, pig headedness, I want Bobby Cox thrown out at least once, and maybe even Willie if we can get him out of the dugout.

         I'm not fond of our start this year, I've made no bones about that, I have doubts about Defense, aged starting pitching, etc but this is the type of thing that sends those little hairs on the back of my neck into a frenzy of tingles, not unlike the very first singing of the star spangled banner for the opening game (I'm such a nerd, every year it draws one tear, maybe two from me on opening day) the shivers and chills come from understanding, and feeling, the thrill of competition, living vicariously through our teams, an extremely heady feeling. this is the reason to watch any sport, even the final four this weekend, graduate from Memphis, UCLA,North Carolina, or Kansas? you can not tell me you do not have the same internal and external shivers, the goosebumps out of knowhere, if you do not have them you need to give back your HD T.V. and crawl back in your cave. the best, and I mean all time best, time of year is here, NBA Playoffs nearing, Final Four Looming, Baseball is Rockin', and the NFL folks are starting to kick up their heals a tad. of course all of these big doings, are nothing compared to the Braves and the Stupi.....oops Mets, at least to nerdy me! one last thing folks, one thing to say, and I really do mean this.......



nuff' said

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