Posted on: April 4, 2008 5:30 pm

wind it up, and they will come!

     Hear ye, hear ye;

          Here it is, we are in to the first week of the season, the big test is upon us. I have been putting in my due dilligence, reading the articles here and there, about the monumental clash of the Braves and the hated Mets (my pet name is the "stupid heads" no offense intended) I read an article today that quoted Willie randolph as saying "its nice to bump heads with them early in the season and see what we got" even traditionally quiet Brian McCann had a couple of words to say, David Wright says sarcastically (about Glavine)"I can't wait, to see the legend, the myth" pretty tame trash talk I must admit, but it got my juices going a little, 8 years ago, a comment like that would have earned Wright a beaning, and it probably would not have waited for sunday when Glavine could do it himself, Smoltzy or someone else would have taken up the charge early on. Boys and girls, this is why I watch baseball (scratch that, at times, live and breathe baseball) one week in and the two teams that most folks are predicting to be hashing it out at the end in their division), are gearing up for a first little meet and greet, how quaint! I want to see hard slides, hard play, pig headedness, I want Bobby Cox thrown out at least once, and maybe even Willie if we can get him out of the dugout.

         I'm not fond of our start this year, I've made no bones about that, I have doubts about Defense, aged starting pitching, etc but this is the type of thing that sends those little hairs on the back of my neck into a frenzy of tingles, not unlike the very first singing of the star spangled banner for the opening game (I'm such a nerd, every year it draws one tear, maybe two from me on opening day) the shivers and chills come from understanding, and feeling, the thrill of competition, living vicariously through our teams, an extremely heady feeling. this is the reason to watch any sport, even the final four this weekend, graduate from Memphis, UCLA,North Carolina, or Kansas? you can not tell me you do not have the same internal and external shivers, the goosebumps out of knowhere, if you do not have them you need to give back your HD T.V. and crawl back in your cave. the best, and I mean all time best, time of year is here, NBA Playoffs nearing, Final Four Looming, Baseball is Rockin', and the NFL folks are starting to kick up their heals a tad. of course all of these big doings, are nothing compared to the Braves and the Stupi.....oops Mets, at least to nerdy me! one last thing folks, one thing to say, and I really do mean this.......



nuff' said

Posted on: April 2, 2008 1:23 pm
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well, well, well, it has begun`

Good day to all!


     I'm still excited, can not wait to see a full game. I'm a little dissapointed in the pitching so far, I had High hope for Moylan, and he blew it, just plain blew it, A belt high frisbee fastball to Zimmerman? comparable to giving a Panhandler a gift card for Mickey D's. 0-2 is not a real good harbinger for the season, but I will tell you what is, Hudson, gritting it out, getting rocked, and then laying down the law, it was almost as if, for a moment, he had forgotten the speed of the game, then it returned to him.

     Chipper will hit, Tex will hit, McCann looks like he might hit again (if he does not try for second on those hard liners, (a catcher (except Martin) should not try to stretch many singles) Yunel, well you just never know with kids, but we can hope he will keep swinging. Mr. Francouer, well were not sure which one will show up this year, so far it's not the one with the killer arm, but maybe the bat will be there.

     I was tense, I was excited, I was on the edge of my seat when the Braves tied the game against the Nationals, I was even more excited when they did so against the Pirates, but lets face it, these are two Bad teams, and so far our best was not good enough, back to that word, Harbinger. I will never say never, but.......... I'm truly worried about defense this year, Yunel Escobar is a fine kid, and a great utility guy, play anywhere on the infield, however we need a shortstop, not an average fielder at every position. I'm scared I hate seeing those numbers at the end of the line score, they are not braves baseball. Harken back to the days of Rafael Ramirez of the magnificent range and arm, Bob Horner on the corner (affectionately called the wall in my small circle of brave fan friends) and glenn hubbard at the 2 bag, just plain wow. Chipper when in full fettle, the crime dog, and on and on. The mainstay (so people say) of the great teams in the late 80's and 90's was the pitching (three probable hall of famers) in my mind it was the combo, the D and the pitching, one would have foundered without the other, but it did not. I just do not see that so far, but I'd like to. Right now, with the exception of Kotsay (who is a potential gold glover in anyones book) the Braves are not as sound as they once were with the leather, even Brian McCann who is beyond spectacular at the plate, and needs to play all the time for his bat, can not hold a candle to the likes of Bruce "eggs" Benedict behind the plate. If these things improve the Braves have a shot, but for now we are on the edge...........


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Up down, up down, the life of a braves fan.

Welcome to the new year!


     I have been watching/following the Braves for 30 years or so (after 20 I lost count) I ostensibly started watching when cable television became available in my city, TBS was a wonderfull thing. Initially I was enamored of Dale murphy (a hometown hero) I soon became enthralled by Raphael Ramireze's hair, and Bob Horners, ungainly beer belly lookin', non-baseballesque prowess. At that early stage in my life I did not really understand the things it would take for a baseball team to be great. In the intervening years between then and now, I have learned. Time and change are the biggest factors (well that and a starting rotation full of future Cy young winners, and hall of famers)

     I find it hard to believe that this will be the rebound year for the Braves, we are pinning our hopes on a rotation of veterans, there really is no one that should be a 15-20 game winner in this mix, maybe Mr. Hudson, Smoltzie is always going to be good, just how much support will he get though?

     I do find some enjoyment in the fact that we have become a young team, I find myself reminded of when we started bringing up young phenoms in the 80's like one Larry "chipper" Jones, we are beginning to rebuild through the organization, where for so long we have had the players and simply brought in (via free agency) the extra building blocks to finish the puzzle. Some similarities to keep in mind. Chipper is now a grizzled veteren, when he was the next big thing, whom was at 3rd base? Terry Pedleton of course, now we have young Yunel Escobar comming through, much less heralded, but nonetheless it strikes me in much the same way. What happened when Chipper came up? we had to wait several years for our "almost a dynasty" thing to happen. As much as I love the braves, and I will watch at least 85 games this year (I will sneak a few in on line while at work) we are trying to replace Andrew with Kotsay and???? and expecting Matt Diaz to pick up the differance is not worthy of comment, even though the guy is amazing with a bat, he will hit .325 and have 12 homers, and 67 RBI's at a guess, and even hittin .222 Andrew would account for more production then that by a long shot.

     Last but not least, Big Tex, this guy is awesome, he has "flashy" Mcgriff written all over him, but, will we pay for him?, he is going to command $150 million at least, I hope we do, but the days of Ted Turners limitless pockets are over. Our only hope is that he falls for the charms of good old Bobby Cox, and the rest of the boys, if we can hold on to him, we are good in three years, if we switch to a young buck (or even god forbid, Thorman) we may have a long winter of "the boys of summer" to wait out, But I will be there, will you????


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